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KEA is a specialist in Culture and Creative Industries in both Europe and China. It has offices in Brussels and in Shenzhen. KEA exists since 1999. Its founding director, Philippe KERN has 25 years experience in culture and creative industries ranging from:

  • IP , trade and EU law
  • Public policies
  • Public Affairs
  • Project management
  • PR and events management
  • Association management
  • Matchmaking
  • Public speaking
  • Management creative hubs

KEA manages an extensive and remarkable international social and professional network with unparallel contacts throughout the European Union at both political, administrative and business levels.

Why Brussels and Shenzhen?

Brussels is the seat and the capital of the European Union, its 28 Member States , 500 million citizens, the largest and wealthiest trading bloc in the world.

Shenzhen is the fastest expanding city in the world with the highest GDP per capita in China and the largest ICT and financial center in China. It is the first Chinese city to be awarded UNESCO City of Design. In 2005 the city set up the first creative hub in China.


For references on our works and publications please visit www.keanet.eu